Common Questions

What is my NH Real Estate closing going to cost?

There are five general categories of fees when buying or refinancing:
  • Lender-Financing fees - determined by your lender (not applicable for cash closings).
  • Title Insurance fees - determined by the title insurance charts filed with the state insurance department.
  • Government Recording fees - determined by state and local governments.
  • Miscellaneous Costs:
    • Courier fees - costs to expedite and trace the delivery of any original signed documents
    • Wire fees - includes bank fees charged for wire transactions
  • Settlement/Closing fees - determined by the title company conducting the closing. Many title companies charge around $699.00 for this fee. We charge a flat $199.00 for all NH residential closings.*

How can Best Rates Title Company's closing cost fees be so low?

  • We simply do not charge closing cost finder's fees.  Industry practices oftentimes allow title companies in NH to pay a portion of your fees as a hidden or non-disclosed referral.  For example, it may be common for some real estate agents, who typically represent the seller, to receive higher commission splits with their broker by referring your transaction to their 'in-house' title company. Some companies are in affiliated business arrangements, where the referring parties actually own portions of the title company and receive compensation directly linked to the amount of business they refer to that particular title company. We believe these types of arrangements are not in your best interest and we have refused to participate in such arrangements. Some title companies also hire expensive 'marketing' or 'business development' personnel and administrative staff, which can certainly drive up the cost of transactions.
  • Best Rates Title Company is separate and independent, and not affiliated with any third party. Our independent practice passes closing cost fee savings on to you because you only pay for actual title and settlement services, rather than disclosed or hidden referral and administrative fees. We can honestly and efficiently meet your needs, without the pressure of external parties.

Aside from great savings, what else does Best Rates Title offer?

  • Our staff has over 60 years combined experience, and has closed over 10,000 transactions.  We have also worked with hundreds of different lending institutions.
  • Your legal documents will be prepared and reviewed by a licensed real estate attorney with over 30 years of experience, as opposed to just a closing processing clerk.
  • We are a neutral third-party, and our policy is to be accurate and honest, while providing you with high quality personalized service at a low price.
  • We can offer title insurance with three (3) major title insurance carriers.