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NH Title Companies - What you need to know:

There are many steps involved in purchasing a new home.  The title company handles the final transaction on the closing date to officially transfer the property from the seller(s) to the buyer(s). 

We strive to provide terrific value to buyers and quality work with each transaction. We will meet your needs and offer the best price for you, while handling your closing with the attention you deserve.

Why choose Best Rates Title Company for your closing?

We understand that purchasing a new home can be an overwhelming experience, and you may have questions and concerns regarding the costs.

  • Our Settlement/Closing fee of $199.00 for all New Hampshire residential closings* is approximately $500.00 less than most other NH title companies.
  • Our staff has over 60 years combined experience and has closed over 10,000 transactions, involving hundreds of different lending institutions.
  • We are fully insured and can provide title insurance products with three major title insurance carriers.
  • Legal documents will be prepared and reviewed by a licensed NH real estate attorney, rather than a closing processing clerk.
  • We strive to be accurate and honest, while providing you with the highest quality personalized service at a low price.
  • More importantly, we are a neutral third-party, so you can be confident that our professional decisions are not influenced by non-disclosed referrals or fee-sharing arrangements. 

If any party is insisting that you close with a particular title company, they may be receiving a portion of the fee you pay as a hidden/non-disclosed referral. We believe that these types of arrangements, disclosed or otherwise, are not in your best interest and we refuse to participate.

Please contact us today. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Our goal at Best Rates Title is to provide you with a smooth closing and the attention you deserve.

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